ONE ASIA Joint Concert Japan Premiere 2017

ONE ASIA Joint Concert 2017 Japan Premier

ONE ASIA Joint Concert JAPAN PREMIER 2017 was a huge success!
Thank you for your support.

Concert Report

: Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall [Map]
Date and time
: October 13, 2017 (Fri) 19:00 - 20:40


Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall
(address: Nishi-Shinjuku 3-20-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) [MAP]
Date & Time
Friday October 13, 2017
Venue opens at 6PM, Performance starts at 7PM
(Concert will last 1.5 hours in total without intermission)
¥7,800 (including tax)


AUN J Classic Orchestra
Official Website

“Music has a nationality beyond borders.”

AUNJ Classic orchestra was formed in 2008 by eight top performers of Japanese traditional musical instruments in order to pursue a unique experience combining Wadaiko, Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi, Shinobue and Narimono, which are normally never played together. AUNJ Classic Orchestra’s technique and performance level, in which tradition and innovation are fused, are highly acclaimed around the world. The group has played at numerous World Heritage sites, including the first-ever live concert inside Mont-Saint-Michel. In the United States, AUNJ played the Star-Spangled Banner at Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox and performing at the opening stage of the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. In Japan, they have played Kimigayo at Tokyo Dome Stadium in 2015 and have also performed at some of Japan’s most prestigious venues such as Isejingu and Yakushiji.
The troupe’s many media appearances include BS-Nittele’s two-hour special series which has been broadcast seven years in a row, Nihongo-de Asobo on NHK Educational TV and TV Asahi’s Daimei-no Nai Ongakukai. In the hope of communicating traditions to children, the group has visited over two hundred primary schools in Japan where the members planted cherry trees in addition to giving performances.
AUNJ’s pursuit of the dream of connecting the world through music continues through the promotion of the universality and diversity of Japanese culture.

AUNJ Classic Orchestra Members

Ryohei INOUE (Wadaiko and Tsugaru Shamisen), Hideki ONOUE (Chuzao Shamisen), Shin ICHIKAWA (Koto), Seizan ISHIGAKI(Shakuhachi), Michiko YAMADA (Shinobue), Azumi YAMANO (Koto), Hide (Narimono) and Kohei INOUE (Wadaiko, Tsugaru Shamisen and Shinobue).

Instrument : Dan Bau
In 1983 she entered Hanoi Conservatory of Music and in 1997 completed the master course in Music Education. In 1992 she received a certificate of merit as dan bau soloist at the National Traditional Professional Music Festival. Very active both in Vietnam and abroad, she participated in last year's "ONE ASIA Joint Concert". She is currently a dan bau teacher at the Department of Traditional Instruments of Vietnam National Academy of Music.
Instrument : Dan T'rung, Dan Tam Thap Luc
In 2001 she entered the Vietnam National Academy of Music and graduated in 2013 from the Department of Traditional Instruments as the most outstanding student. In 2008 she got the First Prize at "Traditional Instrument Solo and Ensemble Competition" organized by Hanoi Conservatory of Music and in 2012 the First Prize at "Student Talent Competition for Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism Schools". She is active not only in Vietnam but also abroad and has performed in various countries.
Arnon Suttjaridjun
Instrument : Perng Mang Khawk
Arnon was born in Thailand into a traditional Thai music family. Arnon traveled to Washington D.C., USA to perform with Boy Thai at the 50th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Bangkok and the US capital. He also performed at the East Asia “Kyousei” Forum in Sendai, Japan in December 2012, with the prestigious “AUN and also at the "Asia Music festival 2013.
Paron Yuenyong
Instrument: Ranad Ake
Paron has won numerous national prizes at various music competitions. in cluding Gold Medal for Performance on The Ranad Ake in 2010. He is currently Head of Thai Music and East Music Studies Department at the College of Music, Mahidol University. It was with Boy Thai that he also displayed his cross-cultural talent, combining innovation with Thai musical heritage at several important occasions, both in Thailand and international festivals.
Yun Khean
Instrument: Tro Khmer
Yun Khean was born in Kandal Province. Mr. Yun Khean started learning Khmer traditional musical instruments at the age of eight with his father and entered the secondary school of Arts, Music School in Phnom Penh in 1973. In 2016 he received the Honor Ph.D of Music, Nakhon Si Thammarat Rajabhat University, Thailand. Mr. Yun Khean currently serves as Deputy Director General, Directorate General of Cultural Techniques (Intangible Cultural Heritage) and Professor of Khmer Traditional Music, Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, Cambodia from 2009 onwards.
Huot Huon
Instrument: Kloy
Huot Huon graduated from Royal University of Fine Arts in 2007. His CDs are available from Mang Sutiwan Studio. He plays from the music score written in 1992 by the French composer Mr.Al Bert Tricon. He gives a weekly joint performance with the artist group Khmer Amatak Art.
Chek Samnang
Instrument: Kse Diev
Chek Samnang currently receives scholarship from the artist group Khmer Amatak Art and performs on various occasions. He has studied Khmer traditional music in India and has promoted Khmer traditional music and poetry in ten states in the USA, His performance has been seen on Apsara TV.
Dhany Irfansyah
Instrument: Kendang
Born in Bandung. He participated in various cultural and exchange events in Indonesia. He is a graduate of the Department of Music of the Indonesia University of Education. He is specialized in percussions, but can play many other traditional instruments. Since he has been living in Japan since 2004, he has performed in cultural festivals and other events throughout the country. Presently, he teaches gamelan and angklung at the Tokyo Indonesian School.
Byes Saprudin
Instrument: Kendang
An accomplished graduate of the Department of Music at the Indonesia University of Education. Although skilled in percussion, he performs with many traditional instruments. Presently he is an instructor at an Indonesian school in Singapore, running various workshops teaching young people about traditional instruments.
Deri Bow
Instrument: Kendang
An accomplished graduate of the Department of Music at the Indonesia University of Education. Although skilled in percussion, he performs with many traditional instruments. Presently, he performs regularly on Indonesian television.
Hj Mohd Ubaidah bin Haji Awang Damit
Brunei Darussalam
Instrument: Bangsi
A member of the Royal Brunei Police Pencaragam. Very interested in flute music. A member of Gulingtangan. Active in the field of music since in school. Always represent Brunei to perform traditional music abroad.
Mohammad Ali Alamshah bin Koply
Brunei Darussalam
Instrument: Gambus
Become interested in traditional and modern music, but now focus on a traditional musical instrument called Gambus. Selected to attend the musical training scheme organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport for two years in 2012 and 2013. Often invited by the arts and culture to perform and represent the country for numerous musical shows.
Instrument: Hne
Myo Min Than started learning hne (double reed) at the age of 11. In 2006 he graduated from Yangon National University of Arts and Culture. He won Gold Award at National Level of Myanmar Traditional Performing Arts Competition 14 times, Silver Award 4 times and Bronze Award 6 times. He has performed in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and other countries and participated in "ASEAN Traditional Music Camp". In 2014 he collaborated with hne blowing on Myanmar traditional music CD "Beauty of Traditional" released by a Japanese label. He is currently tutor at Yangon National University of Arts and Culture.
Instrument: Kyi Waing
Since young age Min Min Soe learned traditional music from his father, a leading performer in Myanmar traditional music orchestra. From the age of 7 he has been performing various instruments, including maung hsaing (gongs), kyi waing (gongs in a circular frame) and chauk lone bat (drums). In 2001 he graduated from Yangon National University of Arts and Culture. He won Gold Award at National Level of Myanmar Traditional Performing Arts Competition 12 times, Silver Award 10 times and Bronze Award 5 times. He has performed in Italy, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and other countries. He is currently tutor at Yangon National University of Arts and Culture.
Instrument: Khaen
He performs traditional Laos music while engaging in school activities. He has performed with the Laos orchestra. He aims to work for the government promoting traditional Laos music in the future, inside and outside Laos.
Instrument: Khaen
Born in Southern Laos and fascinated by traditional Laos instruments from a very early age. He graduated from National School of Arts, and is currently a music instructor. His field is not only limited to traditional music but also in an international music. Every year, he plays many traditional music concerts nationally and internationally.
Instrument: Gereteh
Teuku Umar Ilany graduated with a first-class degree in composition and arranging from the National of Arts, Culture and Heritage Academy (ASWARA). Under the tutelage of mentors and adi-gurus, Teuku is emerging as a leading light in the new generation of Malay gamelan artists. He won "Best Gamelan Performer" in a Malay Gamelan Competition in the state of Terengganu, has directed many traditional performances in ASWARA, and has also led the ASWARA Gamelan Group in a collaboration with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).
Instrument: Gereteh
Interested in music since childhood, she graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Performance at the National Arts, Culture and Heritage Academy, ASWARA. She took up Malay gamelan and marimba as major instruments and is currently pursuing a Master of Music at the Sultan Idris University of Education
Riduan Zalani
Instrument: Rebana
Riduan Zalani is one of Singapore’s most prominent artists, versatile in producing and performing various drums and percussions, both traditional and contemporary. He's also the Co-founder and Artistic director of Nadi Singapura, a dynamic ensemble that is dedicated to developing a distinct brand of performance with the traditional Malay drums and percussion.
Ismahairie Putra Ishak
Instrument: Gambus
Ismahairie’s music journey has been about discovering, experimenting, and exploring music, with an emphasis placed on Malay traditional music, which is deeply rooted in his heart, as it is part of his heritage. He has been performing at various International Dance/ Music Festivals around the world、including Japan, US, France, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, China, and SE Asian countries.
Santos, Harold Andre Cruz
Instrument: Kulintang
Harold Andre Cruz Santos is currently continuing studies in Musicology at UP. Upon entering the college, he was immersed in different Asian music cultures. He has been performing Philippine traditional music in numerous concerts and events inside and outside the Philippines. He also collaborates with other artists in making music for film, theater, and contemporary dance.
Verzola, Jason Pio Gabriel Amugod
Instrument: Bandurria
Jason Pio Gabriel Verzola, a native resident of Baguio City, is a student of Bachelor of Music major in Musicology at UP. He began his musical trainings as a violin and piano student. Later, he joined a cultural group that aims to preserve and defend the cultural heritage of Cordilleras. He is currently an advocate of the improvement of the culture and the arts in the country.
Republic of Korea
Instrument: Gayageum
Born in Tokyo. In 2002 she graduated from the College of Music, Korean Music Department, of the Ewha Womans University. She studied in Korea under Hwang Byung-ki, Kwak Eun-Ah and Cho Yoon-jeong. She is one of the few performers who master 12, 21 and 25-string gayageum. She is currently based in Japan.
Yang Yuki
Instrument: Erhu
Erhu player born in China and rised in Japan. She lived in Japan from elementary school, when her father came to Japan, and currently lives there. She has been familiar with Japanese literature and culture since childhood. From 2007 she studied with her father, the erhu (kokyu) performer and composer Yang Xing Xin. She then opened the Japan Erhu School - Tokyo Otsuka Studio and became a full-time teacher at the same school. She continued her studies at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, China, under Tian Zai Li.
Lee Peng
Instrument: Erhu
Born in Yilan, Taiwan. Her father was Taiwanese erhu maker Lee Shi San, so she has been familiar with Chinese music since childhood. She started learning erhu at the age of 9 and studied under Lu Bai He, Chen Shu Fen and Chinese First Class National Performer Xiao Bai Yong. Graduated with a major in erhu performance from the National Taiwan University of Arts, she is currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Music Education at Osaka Kyoiku University. In parallel to her activity as an erhu performer, she is currently making researches about Chinese music and Taiwanese aboriginal music.


Chairman, ONE ASIA Joint Concert Executive Committee
ONE ASIA Joint Concert, launched in 2013 at Angkor Wat in Cambodia is celebrating its fifth year, thanks to our special sponsor Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd., as well as Japanese embassies in respective countries, the Japan Foundation and all parties involved. The orchestra’s first performance in Japan will be held in Shinjuku, where people from hundred thirties countries live. From this town, which is one of the most diverse in the World, thirty-three performers of traditional musical instruments gathered from across Asia will send out the message of ONE ASIA to the World.
It is my honor to share this pleasure with you.
Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director & Chief Executive Officer
Since its foundation in 1911, Idemitsu has endeavored to make its social contribution through the supply of petroleum, lubricants and other products but it has also made efforts in cultural contribution by supporting musical and other artistic activities. ONE ASIA Joint Concert is an initiative to connect Asia by music. Performers of traditional musical instruments with diverse cultural backgrounds get together to create a common music based on mutual understanding. The group’s pursuit of Asian unity through music resonates with Idemitsu’s corporate motto. That is why we have kept sponsoring the initiative since its inception in 2013. I feel particularly honored to support the first opportunity to enjoy this marvelous experience in Japan.
I sincerely hope that the audiences will feel the harmony of Asia and that this concert will help enrich a friendship among all Asian people.
Mayor of Shinjuku Ward
I am delighted that the first ONE ASIA Joint Concert in Japan is held in Shinjuku Ward. Shinjuku Ward, where people from over 130 countries live, is committed to promoting diversity based on mutual understanding and respect towards cultural differences. Shinjuku City is also an international city of tourism, welcoming visitors from all over the world. I am pleased that The ONE ASIA Joint Concert will be held in Shinjuku, symbolizing the city’s colorfulness and I am grateful that it will provide a chance to further emphasize the charm of the city. I would like to extend my heartfelt welcome to all attendees of the ONE ASIA Joint Concert, where new values are created by the connection created between people through music.
Ryohei INOUE
Leader AUN J Classic Orchestra
"Asian Miracle"
Last year, we held a concert in Singapore where all ten ASEAN member states and Japan were united by music. This year, The People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea and Taiwan will newly join the ensemble to perform at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, where thirty-three players of traditional music instruments will gather from across Asia. ONE ASIA Classic Orchestra was launched in 2013 with a performance at Angkor Watt in Cambodia. Since then, the orchestra has toured across Asia every year, bringing together a variety of members, along with their different languages and cultures, who, through music, have deepened their friendship and nurtured mutual understanding, speaking eye-to-eye. Throughout these four years, the theme of the orchestra has evolved from “exchange” to “sympathy”, “resonance,” and “joint creativity”. This year, we would like to propose as our new motto the word “Kyo-en”, a coinage that amalgamates “sound”, “performance” and “home”, unifying all those past keywords. The artists will bring the sounds of their respective homes to perform together in Kyo-en. Each country and region has its own sounds originating in various ethnicities and lands. The music created in this way will prove that music has a nationality beyond borders. In this year’s concert, we may tweak it to say that music has a “home” beyond borders. Please listen to music from across Asia made of different sounds and tunes that are sure to evoke a sense of nostalgia in you. There, you will find an Asian miracle. I sincerely hope this ONE ASIA Joint Concert will bring a message of peace in Asia and the World.


Organized by
ONE ASIA Joint Concert Executive Committee
Special Sponsor
Idemitsu Kosan Co.,Ltd.
Sponsored by
All Nippon Airways Co.,Ltd. / Gurunavi, Inc. / HOUSE FOODS GROUP INC.
Co-Organized by
Shinjuku Convention and Visitors Bureau / Shinjuku Machi-Fes Executive Committee / Grand Shinjuku City Festival Executive Committee
Supported by
Shinjukju City / Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan / Japan Tourism Agency / Agency for Cultural Affairs, Goverment of Japan / Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines, Tokyo, Japan / ROYAL THAI EMBASSY / Embassy of The Republic of The Union of Myanmar,Tokyo / KEDUTAAN BESAR REPUBLIK INDONESIA TOKYO / The Embassy The Lao People’s Democratic Republic Tokyo / The Royal Embassy of Cambodia in Japan / EMBASSY OF MALAYSIA, TOKYO / Embassy of the Republic of Singapore / Embassy of the Socialist Republic of VIET NAM in Japan / Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Tokyo, Japan / KOREAN CULTURAL CENTER, KOREAN EMBASSY IN JAPAN
With the cooperation of
Daiwa Roynet Hotels / Isetan Mitsukoshi Ltd. / SOY JOY / Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. / "Forest Supporters" Organizer / Audio-Technica Corporation

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